Your Life Map is
in YOUR Finger Prints!

Are You Ready to Decipher?

You knew that there was a special message for you in your finger prints, didn’t you?

You were right!!!

Everyone, yes, everyone has a life map in their finger prints and palms and in that map, we can see:

*** the main purpose why we came into this world, basically who we are, and we call this life purpose,

*** the most important subject we need to learn in this life time, (there are 4 main subjects and one of them is definitely for us, but sometimes, we might need to learn 2 or more of them!) We call this life school, because it is general and it is very important and basic thing to learn.

*** the biggest obstacle we keep bumping into and the reason why we cannot go forward. This is the main thing that is stopping us and not letting us to be who we are. We call this life lesson, because it is very specific.

Yes, this information is in the hands of a new-born baby, a young teenager who is looking at the world fresh and new, or an elderly who is about to draw his last breath.

It is written in the finger prints and palms.

It is imprinted onto the finger tips when the baby is in uterus and don’t you agree that to live the life without knowing,

  • why we are here,
  • what our purpose is,
  • what we need to learn in this life time,
  • and most importantly, what is stopping us,

most probably is a guaranteed regret at the end of our lives?

For this reason, our FingerPrints LifeMap report could be the most valuable gift to anyone, to our children and anyone who is looking for insights about the meaning of life.

Knowing one’s purpose, life lesson, life school and living our lives accordingly would help us live a wonderful, meaningful and happy life!!! (If we go after our purpose, if we are determined to learn how to deal with the obstacles and we commit to learning what we are came here to learn, of course.)

Let us decipher YOUR life map. (And/or your loved ones’ life map.)

Please don’t spend another day without knowing your life map.

And please don’t let your loved ones spend another day without knowing their life purpose!

Purchase our FingerPrints LifeMap report, now:

FingerPrintsLifeMap Special Report


All the failures, unhappiness, hopelessness, lack, negativity start in our life when we forget our LIFE PURPOSE!

Our life purpose is written in the map in our hands.

When we are aligned with our life purpose, we start living a life full of happiness, abundance, love, respect, success.

When we are in harmony with our life purpose, we are full of enthusiasm.

Opportunities, events, people… Everything is there to remind us our life purpose.

Why do we need to be reminded?

Because we forgot!!!

We came into this life to remember it again. Actually we came to live it!!!

We came so that we can give the maximum help we can give to the people, to our families, to our friends, to everyone.

We came so that we can receive God’s contentment!!

But, how come our life purpose is written in our hands??

The finger prints on our finger tips start developing when we are 14 weeks in the uterus, and they DO NOT change till we die.

All the other lines, the shape of our hand, the structure of our fingers might change during the course of our lives, but NOT the finger prints.


But our life purpose, the lessons we are supposed to learn in this life time are written in the FINGER PRINTS.

Sometimes a person might have a finger print IN THE PALM. That is also very important and it is again a message about specific life purpose.

Every line has a meaning.

The lessons we are supposed to master, the things that are stopping us, they are all written in the map we have in our hands.

To know them, to learn about them will help us understand how to deal with them.

What to DO with them.

To know them means to understand what the main reason for our struggles in life is and how to solve them.


We can say that life purpose is a contract our soul signed before incarnating into this life.

And it is written in our finger prints permanently.

It is different for EACH individual and everyone has it special for themselves.

You know that everyone’s finger prints are unique, right?

That shows us that every person has a special and unique life purpose.

In this world, everyone has a unique life purpose.

There is a special and unique VALUE, GIFT, GOODNESS, BENEFIT, everyone can give to others and to the world.

So the furthest away situation from the life purpose is forgetting this and going completely opposite and giving HARM.

And this will cause great unhappiness for the person.

Our finger prints never change, that means our life purpose is with us all through our life.

The other lines can come and go, increase or decrease. Because, those lines depend on our living or not living our life purpose.

For this reason, we can say that, all the lines can give us clues about what we should focus, how we can increase our consciousness, how we can deal with things in our lives.

Our future is tied to our own thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs, habits and actions.

Yes, our future is completely tied to our OWN thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs, habits and actions.

And for this reason, the lines in our palms can change as our thoughts, feelings etc. change.

It all depends on the person’s decision.

To live the life purpose or not to live the life purpose.

To search for the life purpose or not to search for the life purpose.

To find the life purpose or not to find the life purpose.

These are all OUR OWN decisions.

And according to these decisions, we live a life o bliss and blessings or unhappiness and misery.

The right steps taken that are in harmony with the life purpose, in time show themselves in the lines of our hands.

But don’t forget, fingerprints never change.

Yes, the fingerprints which shows us our LIFE PURPOSE, never change.

And for this reason, whatever we do, to do it in harmony with our life purpose is very important.

- The school we attend,
- The person we get married.
- The city that we live in,
- The work that we do,
- The friendships we  have,
- The people we associate with…

If they are not aligned with our life purpose, life will be a misery.

On the other hand,

- if we attend a school aligned with our life purpose,
- if we marry to someone who is aligned with our life purpose,
- if we associate with people who is aligned with our life purpose,
- And if every decision we take is aligned with our life purpose, our life could simple turn into a life in paradise, don’t you think? :)

And let’s not forget. This is not fortune telling!

Our purpose of our report is not to see the future. It is to help you create a beautiful future, by taking the right steps.

And the right steps mean the right actions we take which are aligned with our life purpose.

And our report can help you understand, remember, find our your life purpose.

So WE DO NOT give in our report,

- who you will marry,
- when you will marry,
- how many children you will have
- how many years you will live.

These are all UP TO YOU.

And you can take the right decision, or wrong decision. It is ALL your choice.

What we want to emphasize is that if you take these decision not aligned with your life purpose, life will be troublesome and hard and most probably unhappy. (Sounds familiar? This is so common in the world which means many people don’t have a clue about their life purposes.)

TO KNOW OUR LIFE PURPOSE, to remember, to discover our life purpose and then living our lives ALIGNED and in harmony with it, is OUR OWN responsibility.

And we are here to help you with that:

Helping you remember, discover and know your life purpose through your finger prints.


Our service will help you find out, remember and discover YOUR life purpose.

We look at your finger prints on your finger tips and palm and decipher your life purpose and give you a report by email about what we see and find in your finger prints.

If you understand, learn, find out your life purpose, it can help you take EVERY decision in your life aligned with it and this can help you make the right decisions and take the right actions.

You can receive this report by,

** sending us your finger prints, (and palm prints) by checking all the fingers and your palms for fingerprints according to the following document: Fingerprints
** sending us the pictures of your palms and fingerprints.
** and making a payment below.

Our FingerPrints LifeMap Report includes:

- Your life purpose,

What is it that thing that only you can do, unique to you and no one can do like you do?

The reason you came into this world.

The VALUE, BENEFIT, GOODNESS, GIFT that only YOU can give into this world?

- Your life school,

What is it that you came here to learn?

There are 4 main schools in life. Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service.

And each school has some specific lessons that want to teach. You will find out about YOUR school in our report.

- What are the gifts God gracefully give to you? What are your talents?

What are you good at? What are your gifts that you should be using and if you don’t life could turn into a misery.

- What is the number one obstacle you need to overcome?

What are the things that you need to do develop or heal or overcome in you and in your life?


“FingerPrints LifeMap” report is unique for each person.

You can purchase it for your loved ones, your children, your friends. But we need their finger prints and photos of their palms.

We believe the children and young people will benefit form this report tremendously and you can help them make choices aligned with their life purpose.

And if your working in a job that making you unhappy, we highly recommend this report. As it can give you clues for what you should be doing to live a happy life and do a work that is meaningful for you. It is a must if your are not happy for any reason.

To start living our life purpose…

To start living our life purpose cannot be accomplished in one day.

But we have to start from somewhere and start moving in that direction, even if we take small baby steps.

All we need to do to KNOW our life purpose and move forward in that direction, until we manage to live every second, every minute, every day, we are aligned with it, IF we want to get out of unhappiness, hopelessness, fear.

This is how we can embrace our abundant, fulfilling and happy life that is our birth-right!

Yes to be happy is our birth-right.

Our purpose is our birth right.

It is WHY we came here.

We didn’t come here to suffer.

We came here TO REMEMBER our life purpose and TO LIVE it.


Or even if you know your life purpose, don’t you want to know what is written in your hands?


To remember and understand our life purpose is a moment of decision.

It is a decision for ourselves.

It is a decision TO LIVE our life purpose.

So please consider the amount you pay as a gift TO YOU, TO YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

It is an indicator of the value you give to yourself and your life purpose.

So congratulations if you read this far and also more and more congratulations if you decided to learn about the map in your hands!


To purchase our special report:

1- Please click the button below and pay $160 (about 150 Euro).

2- E-mail us your finger and palm prints using the guide: Fingerprints and also by taking photos.

 Also, please tell us which hand you mainly use when writing and eating and if there had been a change in this in any time in your life.

And send them to our email address which is:

Depending on how busy we are, in about 1 week, we will send you your report which includes:

- Your life school,

- Your life purpose,

- The gifts and talents you possess,

- The number one obstacle you need to over come in this life time in order to be able to live your life purpose. (We call it life lesson.)